Southern Heartburn

SOUTHERN HEARTBURN’S music is first and foremost steeped in the Deep SOUTHERN Blues styles of the early 20th century. Ed’s songwriting mixes this love of blues and roots music with a modern electric, dynamic, powerful, RAW, soulful sound.

If you haven’t lost, you haven’t lived… All the Love, the Pain, the Joy, and Loss IS the music, and the music is a reflection of life. The HEART revels in the joy’s of life’s fleeting moments, and yet it can BURN with a sadness over pain and loss seems too much to bear.

“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.” Robert Frost

So WE laugh in the face of despair. We ride on sarcastic wings and strive to create music with a vibrancy that transcends sadness into joy.

Southern Heartburn is:

Ed Adams is a guitarist, singer, songwriter and former Guitarist for the band “Chain Smoking Hags” also played guitar for “Bear With Me”, and often plays his original songs as a Solo Acoustic act.

Neil Jackson is a drummer / percussionist, vocalist, and former drummer for “A den of Thieves”, “Sweet Lovin Daddy”, the“Cadillac” and “Sex Panther.”

Jason Gleaton is a guitarist, back up vocalist and former Guitarist for the band “Bone Jive”, the blues bands the “Mudcats” and “Sweet Lovin Daddy.”

Justin “the Yellow Dart” Johnson… Bass player, multi-instrumentalist and Vocalist. Justin frequently plays as a solo acoustic act and has played with various bands on Bass including “Sweet Lovin Daddy.”