New Devils

So there I was, in a room with a view. Six rattling bodies snoring, wheezing, and a gasping. Laid out like tombstones. Each one of them shot to death with whiskey.

Not dead yet. Still eleven more hours until Nashville and then another Three until the Magic City.

I bounced between shoulders for miles back and forth across this continent. I slept on vans seats and front porches. I buried myself deep into extra shirts and shitty blankets only to freeze the night through. I’ve desecrated my body with fast food and beer. I’ve been lonely. I’ve been happy. I’ve been angry, but most of all thankful.

When I was young they used to call me a little devil. I’m all grown up now and when I learned the true nature of the world, I began to find out the true nature of myself. I am that I am.

I’ve come to spread the good Gospel that music can and WILL save your soul if you are so inclined.

Soul-powered Rock-N-Roll with a country twang. Immersive storytelling w/ melodies you’re sure to hum along to. A foot tappin, beer drinking good time.

Join us in song friends. I will see all of you soon