Multi N Funk Band

Multi N Funk Band wants our music to be heard on the radios around the world. We want our original music to some day be released under a label and in every store to touch lives through a funky groove.
Phillip J. Whigham a.k.a. Multi started playing drums in his local church at the age of 5. At that moment he knew that he wanted to be a musician. All throughout Middle School and High School he played many other instruments including snare, lead and bass guitar. At the age of 17 he played with Bay City Brass Band where he played at local Balls, parades, festivals and party events. From that moment in his career he became more advanced as a musician and started playing with other bands including Four Barrel Funk, Figure Eight, Mixup Band, Crowned Jewelz and other various local bands. In 2015 he decided to commit to his dreams and start his own band called Multi N Funk Band. A jazzy soulful funk band that will guarantee to put you on your feet and make you want to dance.