Florida Panhandle-based I’MAGENE (ex-Continuum) is a 4-piece band utilizing the terms Retro Electro Soul to
describe their own singular style.  Constantly focusing their craft, they’ve rapidly grown their fan base both
regionally and nationally.  They’ve spent the majority of the last year bouncing across the US multiple times consistently releasing content that documents both their journey and growth as a band.  The passion and determination of these four 20-somethings is evident in everything they do and can absolutely be heard on any of their releases.  When you see them live, it is like stepping into another world.  Each song connects to some of the most powerful emotions a person can experience in their lives.  Their music envelopes you in memories of the past or perhaps a situation that may still be unfolding.  I’MAGENE is certain to radiate passion and create a connection of body and soul for all who have the desire to feel.