Dark Star Coven

From the ashes rises DARK STAR COVEN, a new-yet familiar twist on the underground sounds of the past & the present, creating a nihilistic powerhouse of apocalyptic revolt.

DARK STAR COVEN mixes years of road worn experience & classic underground influences to rise from the blackened abyss, spewing vile disdain for the powers that be & organized religious dogma. Taking influences from thrash, crust punk, black metal, death & doom, DSC takes the metal / punk crossover idea to a new level, swinging from one hellish tempo to the next, unleashing their brand occult fueled blasphemy on the complacent masses.

Vocalist Shane Reneaux (Parabellum, Wulfshroud, Blount, Defiance), a long standing member of the Gulf Coast underground music scene, is known for his lyrical duality & chameleon-like vocal changes, swinging from guttural sociopolitical chastising barks & blood curdling sacrilegious screams to end-time sorrowful serenades. His lyrical content embraces anti religious & political opinions, social unrest, as well as demonology, satanism & end-time prophecies.

Guitarist Jerry Mathew Dunn (Gnorcah), summons the demons of classic thrash, death & doom, forging the mayhem & disdainful riffs that DSC is known for.

Bassist Eric Sisk, (Reverend Jenkins) brings the thundering cadence of Armageddon to the mix, while drummer & d-beat extraordinaire, D. Ed Lee (Guns To Fire), gives the ghost of Keith Moon a run for his money.