Past Lineups

2016 Lineup

The Weeks, Col. Bruce Hampton & The Madrid Express, Futurebirds, Banditos, Los Colognes, Kristin Diable, Great Peacock, Yip Deceiver, New Madrid, The Pollies, Susto, Sweet Crude, Brave Baby, Motel Radio, Underhill Family Orchestra, Indianola, Slow Runner, Packway Handle Band, Bantam Foxes, The High Divers, Boyfriend, Jamell Richardson, Baby Baby, Black Titan, She Returns From War, The Sh-Booms, Sultan (featuring members of Super Nice Bros.), Black Irish Texas, The Hallers, The Sun. The Moon., Eric Erdman, Chaquis Maliq, Future Primitives, Blue Healer, Creature Camp, Julian Primeaux, Face on Mars, Emerald Heavy, D. Saunders, Ten Foot Beast, Bunch (featuring members of El Cantador), LF Knighton, Beamin and Jaguarundi, Paper Bison, Shadow Giant, Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet, Josh Ewing, Lil’ Gaucho, Heath Underwood, Gregg Fells, J.W. Teller, Lance Howell, Shaheed & D.J. Supreme and more.

2015 Lineup

Maggie Koerner (New Orleans, LA); Rosco Bandana (Gulfport, MS); Boyfriend (New Orleans, LA); BEITTHEMEANS (Birmingham, AL); Dirty Lungs (Birmingham, AL); GT (Birmingham, AL); Jesse Payne (Birmingham, AL); Preston Lovinggood (Birmingham, AL); Shaheed & DJ Supreme (Birmingham, AL); Wray (Birmingham, AL); Belle Adair (Muscle Shoals, AL); Ruby The Rabbitfoot (Athens, GA); Debauche (New Orleans, LA); Madd Wikkid (New Orleans, LA); Naughty Professor (New Orleans, LA); The Honorable South (New Orleans, LA); Rooster Blues (Tupelo, MS); Steelism (Nashville, TN); Willie and the Giant (Nashville, TN)
MOBILE AREA ARTISTS: 2 Major Twinz; Black Titan; Blow House Brass Band; Crowned Jewelz; Molly Thomas and the Rare Birds; The Mustachios; Of Legends and Liars; Phunk Blue Moon; Postmortem Delerium; Red Right Hands; Shifting Tracks; Satellite Graveyard; Underhill Family Orchestra; Cary Laine; Eric Erdman; Garrett Thornton; Gregg Fells; Julie Anne Sellers; Mack William

2014 Lineup

Alanna Royale (Nashville, TN); Andrew Duhon (New Orleans, LA); BABY BABY (Atlanta, GA); Baby Bee (Houma, LA); Banditos (Nashville, TN); Brave Baby (Charleston, SC); Cardinal Sons (New Orleans, LA); the Chris Spies Organ Trio ft. Seizo Shibayama (New Orleans, LA); Cosmonaut On Vacation (Birmingham, AL); Daikaiju (Unknown); Dead Balloons (Birmingham, AL); The Deslondes (New Orleans, LA); Eef Barzelay of Clem Snide (Nashville, TN); Eric Erdman (Mobile, AL); GaRY WrONG Group (Mobile, AL); Grayson Capps + the Lost Cause Minstrels (Fairhope, AL); Great Peacock (Nashville, TN); Gregg Fells (Mobile, AL); Harrison McInnis (Mobile, AL); Henry Dunkle (Mobile, AL); Jesse Payne (Birmingham, AL); Johnny No (Mobile, AL); Justin Fobes (Mobile, AL); Kennon Barton of Party at the Moontower (Gulfport, MS); Leland Clay (Mobile, AL); Lost Bayou Ramblers (Lafayette, LA); Mandown (Mobile, AL); Michael Vincent Band (Gulfport, MS); Mississippi Shakedown (Hattiesburg, MS); Moon Honey (Shreveport, LA); The Mustachios (Mobile, AL); Naughty Professor (New Orleans, LA); New Orleans Suspects (New Orleans, LA); Omari Jazz (Birmingham, AL); Postmortem Delerium (Mobile, AL): Preston Lovinggood (Birmingham, AL): Rooster Blues (Hattiesburg, MS); Rosco Bandana (Gulfport, MS); Ryan Balthrop and Friends (Mobile, AL); Sweet Crude (Lafayette, LA); Tanks (Memphis, TN): Taylor Knighton (Mobile, AL); Teen Getaway (Birmingham, AL); Through the Sparks (Birmingham, AL); today the moon, tomorrow the sun (Atlanta, GA); Tony Tornado Music (Mobile, AL); Underhill Family Orchestra (Mobile, AL); Vintage Cowboys (Cullman, AL); 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Mobile, AL)

2013 Lineup

Grayson Capps and the Lost Cause Minstrels (Fairhope, AL); Lost Bayou Ramblers (Lafayette, LA); Hurray for the Riff Raff (New Orleans, LA); St Paul and the Broken Bones (Birmingham, AL); The Pollies (Muscle Shoals, AL); Banditos (Birmingham, AL); El Cantador (Mobile, AL); Sam Doores + Riley Downing and the Tumbleweeds (New Orleans, LA); Underhill Family Orchestra (Mobile, AL); Clear Plastic Masks (Nashville, TN); Daikaiju (No One Knows, Unknown Areas); The Great Book of John (Birmingham, AL); Great Peacock (Nashville, TN); Tedo Stone (Atlanta, GA); Baby Bee (Houma, LA); Ryan Balthrop (Mobile, AL); Promised Land (Nashville, TN); Gashcat (Shreveport, LA); Jesse Payne (Birmingham, AL); 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Mobile, AL); Luke Winslow King (New Orleans, LA); Callooh! Callay! (Tuscaloosa, AL); Handsome Scoundrels (Mobile, AL); Pioneers! O Pioneers (Pensacola, FL); Evil Army (Memphis, TN); Belle Adair (Muscle Shoals, AL); Fargo (Mobile, AL); Andrew Duhon (New Orleans, LA); Chillakaya (Jacksonville, FL); Chase Knighton (Mobile, AL); Digital Organix (Mobile, AL); Gold and the Rush (New Orleans, LA); Grandaddy Ghostlegs (Birmingham, AL); Plains (Montevallo, AL); Gregg Fells (Mobile, AL); Blaine Duncan and the Lookers (Tuscaloosa, AL); The Sunshine Factory (Mobile, AL); Tanks (Memphis, TN); Mississippi Shakedown (Hattiesburg, MS); Crowned Jewelz (Mobile, AL); Engine (Shreveport, LA); Tony Tornado and the Birthday Boys (Mobile, AL); Moonguys (Mobile, AL ); Ground Level Fall (Fairhope, AL)

2012 Lineup

Theresa Andersson (New Orleans, LA); Honey Island Swamp Band (New Orleans, LA); 13Ghosts (Birmingham, AL); The Great Book of John (Birmingham, AL); The Green Seed (Birmingham, AL); Delicate Cutters (Birmingham, AL); El Cantador (Mobile, AL); The Underhill Family Orchestra (Mobile, AL); Belle Adair (Muscle Shoals, AL); Coyotes (New Orleans, LA); Sun Hotel (New Orleans, LA); The Pollies (Muscle Shoals, AL); Lauderdale (Muscle Shoals, AL); Some Dark Holler (Birmingham, AL); Garrett Thornton (Mobile, AL); Jesse Payne (Birmingham, AL); Glish (New Orleans, LA); The Black Cadillacs (Knoxville, TN); Handsome Scoundrels (Mobile, AL); Caddywhompus (New Orleans, LA); Native America (New Orleans, LA); Vintage Cowboys (Cullman, AL); Banditos (Birmingham, AL); Callooh! Callay! (Tuscaloosa, AL); The Suzies (Mobile, AL); Paloma (Pensacola, FL); Wess Floyd (Nashville, TN); Jackie Lo (Birmingham, AL); Beitthemeans (Birmingham, AL); Gregg Fells (Mobile, AL); Gum Creek Killers (Birmingham, AL); Gravy (New Orleans, LA); Electric Moon (Tuscaloosa, AL); Rudy Andrews (Mobile, AL); Bay City Brass Band (Mobile, AL); Wide-Eyed Walker (Mobile, AL); Cockfight (Mobile, AL); Digital Organix (Mobile, AL); Pioneers! O Pioneers! (Pensacola, FL); Dorado (Birmingham, AL); Venom (Mobile, AL); William Wallace & The Three Amigos (Mobile, AL)

2011 Loda Live Lineup

13ghosts (Birmingham, AL); Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires (Birmingham, AL); Vulture Whale (Birmingham, AL); Sun Hotel (New Orleans, LA); The Great Book of John (Birmingham, AL); Morris Minor (Mobile, AL); El Cantador (Mobile, AL); Native America (New Orleans, LA); Underhill Family Orchestra (Mobile, AL); Paloma (Pensacola, FL); Callooh! Callay! (Tuscaloosa, AL); Banditos (Birmingham, AL); Handsome Scoundrels (Mobile, AL); The Mulligrubs (Mobile, AL)

2010 Coastline Chronicles Lineup

El Cantador, Morris Minor, The Port Wine Stain, Greg Fells, Seduction Bomb, CCUSA & the Hush Hush Revolution, Mob Towne Revival, Swamp Wompus, Cockfight, Mandown, The Investments, Josh Bond, Hibachi Stranglers, and The Sunshine Factory