Festival Info

Founded in 2011, SouthSounds Music & Arts Festival is the first festival in the country dedicated to showcasing the best emerging and independent Southern music and art.

SouthSounds is held annually on the second weekend in April in various music venues and on outdoor public stages throughout Downtown Mobile, Alabama. SouthSounds 2019 will be held on April 12th-14th, 2019

SouthSounds 2017 brought an estimated 7,500+ people into Downtown Mobile to watch over 84 shows in 15 different venues over a 3-day period. Musical artists spanned an array of musical genres (including Americana, indie, country, bluegrass, rock, alternative, metal, soul, funk, jazz, brass band, blues, R&B and hip-hop) and came from throughout the Southeast, with at least 9 different states being represented. SouthSounds has won the Lagniappe Weekly “Nappie Award” for “Best Local Music Festival,” has been named by Charleston City Paper as “a Southern music festival worth the road trip,” and won the 2017 International Downtown Association Certificate of Merit Award for outstanding events that improve the image and vitality of downtown areas throughout the world.

SouthSounds operates as a non-profit enterprise through SouthSounds Music & Arts Festival, Inc., a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, with support from various corporate sponsors, non-profit organizations, government entities and individual donors.

SouthSounds Mission Statement:
• To be the first and most successful festival in the country dedicated to showcasing new Southern music and art
• To help Southern musicians and artists form professional connections to advance their careers
• To create an outstanding cultural and community-building event for Southern Alabama and the Gulf Coast


General Information

When is SouthSounds 2019?
April 12th-14th, 2019. The first act will start at 6:00 pm on Friday, April 12, and shows will run late into the night on Sunday, April 14.

Where is SouthSounds 2019?
Festival events will take place in various public spaces and music venues in Downtown Mobile, Alabama. More information on festival venues can be found here.

Who is performing at SouthSounds 2019?
You can see our full line-up here.  We expect to add additional artists to the announced festival line-up until right before the event, so follow us on Facebook  and Twitter to stay informed of additional artist announcements and line-up changes. Note that the line-up and artist schedule is subject to change without notice, and cancellation of any show is not grounds for refund.

How do I know when and where all my favorite acts are playing?
You can check out our festival schedule here.

I’ve never heard of most of these acts.  What’s the deal with that?
That’s the best part about SouthSounds!  The mission of the festival is to showcase and celebrate the most exciting independent, up-and-coming and underground music and art from the South, and hopefully to help you discover your new favorite band in the process.  A great way to make that happen is to do some research about our artists before the festival — you can read about and watch videos from all of our performing artists here and listen to our specially curated playlists here.

I see a lot here about Music.  What about the Arts part?
There will be lots of cool arts and culture events and other non-music happenings going on in Downtown Mobile during SouthSounds weekend.  See here for more info.

How old do I need to be to come to the festival?
All events occurring at outdoor, public spaces are All Ages. Events occurring in music venues have varying age restrictions depending on the venue – please contact the venues that are hosting the shows you want to see to determine their rules. Admission to all music venues is subject to venue age restrictions and venue capacity, as well as all other venue policies.

How old do I need to be to purchase or drink alcohol?
All patrons must be 21 years of age or older with a valid ID to purchase and/or consume alcoholic beverages.

I’m not from Mobile. How do I get there? Where do I stay?
See here for location, lodging and travel information.

Wristband / VIP Package Information

Do I need to buy a ticket or wristband?
All events occurring at outdoor, public spaces are free, with no tickets or wristbands required (other than for access to VIP areas). Events occurring in music venues require a festival wristband.

How much are wristbands?  Where do I buy them?
Wristband prices start at $25 for 3-day “early bird” General Admission wristbands, with increased prices for other levels and VIP packages.  See our TicketFly page here for more information and to purchase festival wristbands and VIP packages.  You can also buy passes on-site during the festival weekend at our Will Call / Check-in Desks (located adjacent to the Lagunitas Stage at the corner of Conti Street and Conception Street), or buy General Admission wristbands from any of our participating venues.  (A full list of venues is available here.)

Can I buy a wristband for just 1 day?
No – all festival wristbands are for the full, 3-day event.

What if I only want to go to 1 show?
Most venues allow for the payment of a cover charge or the purchase of a single-show ticket. Please contact the venue of the show you are interested in to determine whether they will be selling single-show tickets or accepting cover charges. However, keep in mind that the cost of those single-show tickets and cover charges is usually not much cheaper than the cost of a General Admission festival wristband, so if you plan to go to 2 or more shows, it is probably more cost-effective to buy a 3-day wristband.

What do I get for my General Admission wristband?
A General Admission wristband provides unlimited access to all festival shows over the entire 3-day event (OTHER THAN the April 13 Corey Smith concert at Soul Kitchen, which is available to Gold Level and VIP package purchasers only), subject to venue capacity, venue age restrictions and other venue policies.

What’s the deal with the Gold Level package?
The Gold Level package includes a 3-day General Admission wristband AND a ticket to the April 13 Corey Smith concert at Soul Kitchen.

What about the VIP packages?  What extra cool stuff do I get with those?
VIP package purchasers get a 3-day VIP festival pass providing access to all festival venues (INCLUDING the April 13 Corey Smith concert at Soul Kitchen) and preferred VIP viewing areas (in all instances subject to venue capacity, venue age restrictions and other venue policies), as well as:

Do I have guaranteed entry to all festival shows?
Due to the nature of SouthSounds being primarily a venue-based festival, access to all festival shows is subject to venue capacity (as well as all other venue policies, including age restrictions). We expect that most festival shows will draw a strong crowd, which in some cases may cause the venue to reach maximum capacity prohibiting the admission of additional patrons. Given that, if there is a particular show that you really want to see, we strongly recommend that you arrive at that venue early to make sure you get in and to stake out a prime viewing area.

What happens if it rains?
SouthSounds is a rain or shine event. If the weather is particularly bad, events at outdoor public spaces may be rescheduled or canceled, but barring a weather emergency the venue shows will take places as scheduled. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed of any weather-related updates and other festival news.

What if I lose my wristband or it gets stolen? What happens if I buy a wristband and then I can’t make it?
Sorry –festival passes are non-refundable, and SouthSounds has no obligation to replace any lost or stolen passes.

Do you have other wristband policies?
Yes – in addition to all terms and conditions of our ticket vendor, TicketFly, and all venue policies (age restrictions, capacity, etc.), the following policies apply:

Festival Weekend Information

OK – I bought my passes and I’m pumped about the weekend.  Where do I pick up my passes and other stuff?
All festival weekend passes (as well extra goodies for VIP pass purchasers) can be picked up at our Will Call / Check-In Desks located adjacent to the Lagunitas Stage (corner of Conti Street and Conception Street) during any of the following times:

Tickets to the Thursday night Kick-Off Show and the Friday night Corey Smith concert at Soul Kitchen will be available at the Soul Kitchen Will Call desk.

I bought a VIP pass and I’m hungry.  When / where do we eat?
VIP catering is being provided by Bob’s Downtown Restaurant and will be available during the following times in VIP Hospitality (located adjacent to the Lagunitas Stage, at the corner of Conti Street and Conception Street):

I bought a VIP pass and I’m thirsty too (and over 21 years of age).  When / where do I redeem my drink tickets for beer?
VIP beers will be available in the VIP Hospitality area adjacent to the Lagunitas Stage (at the corner of Conti Street and Conception Street) and in the VIP area of the Hargrove Stage at O Daly’s Irish Pub (564 Dauphin Street).

I’m an Artist and I’m performing at SouthSounds.  Where do I get my passes?
You can pick up your passes at Artist Check-In, located adjacent to the Lagunitas Stage (at the corner of Conti Street and Conception Street).  Please be sure to arrive during the windows that Will Call is open, as noted above.  Please check with the venue where you are performing as your first point of contact for all questions (especially for production-related information), but if you’re unsure then come see us at Artist Check-In and we’ll get you sorted out.

I was jamming so hard at SouthSounds that I lost my phone/keys/glasses/etc.  Is there a Lost & Found?
Sure (and no judgment from us – we’ve been there).  If it happens during the festival weekend, go to the Will Call / Check-in desks at the Lagunitas Stage (at the corner of Conti St. and Conception St., adjacent to the Merry Widow) and ask our staff if anyone turned it in.  If the festival is over by then, you can email us at southsounds@southsoundsfest.com.  And of course, you should always check back directly with the venues that you attended during the festival to see if anyone turned in your stuff to them.

Contact Information

My band wants to play SouthSounds. Who do I talk to about that?
Please submit through our application form available here. We are accepting submissions to play SouthSounds 2018 until March 1, 2018, but if you miss that date we are always excited to hear new submissions for next year’s event.

Who do I contact if I want to volunteer for SouthSounds? Who do I contact if I want to sponsor SouthSounds? Who do I contact if I work for a media outlet and we want to cover SouthSounds?
Please see our contact information here.